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Move your website the easy way!

There are many reasons why people decide to move their website to another host or domain. You may be dissatisfied with your current hosting company, because maybe you’ve experienced lousy customer service or because they are too expensive. But it may also be that you have started out blogging and now you’re blogs have grown into a full fledged website and your current hosting package simply does not offer you enough options.

Whatever the reason may be, moving your website isn’t easy. You have to take into account and keep track of a lot of things such as as the files, the database but also the email boxes (pop3, imap and / or linked exchange servers). The good news is that we have a lot of experience moving websites and we can do this for you at a great rate.  So never fear, Bottle Post Media is here!

But what about Google?

Listen, we know you put in the time and effort to get good search engine results for your website. And of course you should be worried that moving your website will have made all that hard work pointless. That’s why one of the most important components in moving your website is to safeguard your search engine ranking, through url migration (a url migration is required because the value has to be retained). We make sure all the “old” url’s correctly refer to the new url’s. So don’t worry, we’ve got this.

Do you want to move your existing domain?

No problem! We’ll take care of the transfer. Of course, it is very important that the move is handled properly so that your visitors and your search engine results are not affected! Or did you find the perfect domain name only to find out that some else owns it? Good news! Our experts can negotiate a sale on your behalf with the current owner of the domain.

So are you ready to move your domain, website or web store? Please contact us today and get your a quote!

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