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How to brand your web shop

Branding is one of the most powerful aspects of any business. And with a web shop your brand has to communicate a promise to your customer, to tell them what they can expect from your products and services, and it also has to set you apart from the competition. Your brand needs to be based on who your target customers are. But defining your brand and target audience can be a bit difficult, time consuming and let’s be honest, probably not the most fun thing you’ve ever done. That’s why marketing mavens, graphic designers- and web designer were invented, especially those of the Bottle Post Media variety.

First off, you’re going to have answer a few questions about your business, like: What’s your company’s mission? Though technically correct, your answer shouldn’t be: To make a huge pile of money! Though we all want you to enjoy your swimming pool full of money, you’ll need to come up with something more relate able to your target audience than that. What qualities do you want people to associate your company with? And what benefits do your products or services offer?

With those answers our marketing mavens and graphic designers will begin branding your web shop. The basis for your brand is a professionally made logo, that´s because your logo is your brand identification. It’s the image that will be used on your website, packaging and promotional materials. We’ll create brand standards which means the same color scheme, content message, logo placement, look and feel throughout all aspects of your web shop.

So how can you promote your brand? Well, Social Media, and particularly your blog is the place to tell your brand's story, to offer more insight into your business, products, philosophy, employees, and ideas. It’s a great opportunity to tell your customers why you’re in business and how ultimately your products and services are there to make their lives easier. By posting topics which show your knowledge, you are building trust, too. Incorporate testimonials into your web design. Testimonials add credibility to your brand and are one of the most powerful online brand boosters.

And of course the best way to promote your brand is to just give us a call. Need inspiration? Take a look at our portfolio!

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