Parking Software

Parking Software.

Bottle Post Media has developed an online parking software solution, optimized for for surface lot, garage, single lot or multisite-, on- and off airport parking operators.

Parking Software is completely multilingual, so when a customer wants to book a parking space, they can make reservations quickly and easily because you are addressing them in their native language.


Mobile responsive parking websites make more money. Your customers can quickly and easily book with you through their computer, tablet or mobile and the software responds to the device they are using.


Google rewards websites that are mobile responsive by giving them a higher ranking in search results. This makes you easier to find, which gets you more visitors and which of course leads to more customers.


Whether you have one car park or manage twenty different lots: Parking Software allows you to integrate and organize all of your business from one location on your mobile, tablet or computer.

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With Parking Software you can easily manage your parking business via your mobile phone, PC or tablet. You have an overview of availability, bookings, sales, human resources and more.

 The integrated accounting gives you an overview of all the transactions; run extensive reports on bookings, revenue and outstanding payments with a complete billing system. You can easily make individual adjustments such as price per vehicle -, storage or contract type and any changes will be reflected in real time.

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We offer the software on a subscription basis to our customers. This allows our customers to install unique software and applications without the high cost and labour of managing complex software or hardware. This way you save time and money, regardless of the size, complexity and demands of your parking business.