The # 1 feature of a successful e-commerce website is an enjoyable customer experience. Bottle Post Media’s designs and technology support your webshop so that you can deliver your products and services to a global market.

What is the difference between a company website and e-commerce site? Glad you asked! A standard company website only provides information about your business, while an e-commerce site has other features such as; product search, product information and shopping cart. In addition, an e-commerce site has a back end with a database of products, customers, inventory, orders, order processing, payment systems and more.

Every e-commerce website Bottle Post Media develops is an unique and pleasant experience for your customers. We do this by creating intuitive and functional e-commerce sites with a striking design. In addition, our webshops are multilingual and available in responsive design. In other words, a webshop that delivers a happy customer journey, that let’s you sell to a worldwide audience and which functions on all mobile devices.

Whether you already have an online store or are starting with a new idea, Bottle Post Media has all the tools you need to have a successful e-commerce site.

Easy Management

Ultimately it's about profit

A webshop designed and built by Bottle Post Media is easy to manage. Even without having any technical knowledge, you can easily add and edit items with the simple click of a button. For example, you can adjust a product name, item info or prices quickly and easily. Moreover, you’ll have all the order information in a practical overview. Thanks to clear steps, an easy order system and a clear item overview your clients can is easily order from you.

I also want to a WEBSHOP with an awesome customer journey, readability and easy navigation that works well on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Multilingual Webshop

What languages do your customers speak?

Having a multilingual webshop is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your e-commerce website! Because first of all a multilingual e-commerce site is included in the results of foreign language search engines which lets you reach a larger target audience. Additionally, a multilingual webshop gives your business a professional feel because you are talking to your visitors in their native language. You are sending  a clear signal about your level of customer service! Which in turn increases visitor and customer confidence in your products or services.


One of the factors that determines the success of an e-commerce is the range of payment options to meet the customer’s payment preferences. Making an informed choice for the most suitable methods of payment in a shop is important, which is why we give you the option to use various different online payment systems such as Stripe, Paypal and credit cards in your webshop. Thanks to secure SSL encryption all customer and business information is protected from unauthorized use, and of course you also have a daily back up of all data.


We know what makes successful merchants, successful. They provide an awesome customer experience. Did you know that it’s often the individual details that prompt the customer to make an online purchase? Details such as ease of use, a great design, clear presentation of products and a reliable professional look, assist the customer in making a purchase choice. It takes a strong webdesign along with an intuitive and functional website to attract new visitors, which in turn increases your customer base and increases your chances to be a success. Adding flashy multimedia and professional design will also keep customers coming back to your webshop.


Bottle Post Media optimizes webshops through various methods such as social media, meta-tags, content- and online marketing. But what are the real advantages of Search Engine Optimization? First of all, a higher score in search engines such as Google which will increase the traffic to your e-commerce website. Secondly, you will now have the opportunity to convert all those new visitors to sales. Moreover, we also integrate Google Analytics into all our e-commerce projects, which provides valuable information about your products, visitor traffic, keywords, conversions, abandonment rate and much more.

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