Online Marketing

An internet marketing strategy is indispensable.
You can’t just sit and wait for people to visit your website,
because your competition isn´t sitting around either.
online advertising with Google


When a new visitor finds your website chances are it's through Google. That can only happen if your website or webshop is easy to find on search engines. An effective way to do this is through Search Engine Advertising.

Google allows companies to advertise on Google search websites and on sites that use Google AdSense. These are ads based on keywords that are relevant to your business. We analyze the right keywords and then we develop a campaign that shows your ad to your target audience, assuring that it reaches the right audience for the lowest possible cost. You pay per click and can determine the amount of the advertising budget.

Your companies success depends on satisfied customers who are willingpurchase products and services.


Social Media pages can have such a positive impact on the success of your website or webshop. We develop advertising campaigns to ensure that the ads reach your target audience and attract more visitors.

Moreover, merchants can sell directly through social media pages. Google keeps an eye on social media as well, so it’s logical that your level of social media activity has a direct influence upon your search engine ranking. Setting up and maintaining social media pages takes time, effort and expertise. Bottle Post Media can create and maintain all your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

online advertising with Google

Bottle Post Media develops online marketing strategies for new and existing websites for online advertising, email marketing, Google Adwords, content marketing such as blogs or on Social Media.

Online advertising through Content Marketing


Our strategy is driven by innovative and thoughtful marketing based on competition-, market-, brand- and target audience analysis. Our approach is directly related to the success and visibility of your website.

Which means having the exact right words on your website describing your product, service or brand in a way relevant to both visitors and Google. As well as writing blogs, posting articles, news or social media messages to target your audience. Nowadays more and more companies choose to outsource this. Our creative professionals are ready to work on your website and make its impact visible.


Email marketing is most effective when you approach your target audience personally. You decide who receives an e-mail and you can customize your message to the recipient.

Not only does this yield a higher response, you can also determine who receives an email, track how often an email is opened and how many clicks to your website an email generates. We can even send automated follow up messages based on user actions.  All this allows us to determine exactly how effective an email is and make adjustments if necessary for the next email marketing campaign.

Online advertising

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