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For your website to go online it needs
to get its very own place on the world wide web.
Bottle Post Media is the right choice for hosting of your website and the registration your domain name!

Our hosting packages have been carefully selected for quality and service and are available for a great rate!


Having a website HOSTED on a shared server is an economical and smart option. With a shared server you rent a prearranged amount of disk space on one of Bottle Post Media’s secure servers, from which your website will run. With this option you are always assured of an affordably, good and quickly accessible website with available email. It’s also nice to know that our servers are monitored and guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Bottle Post Media also offers its users the possibility of leasing a VPS (VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER). Any changes or security settings that you apply to the configuration, only apply on your own VPS. A VPS server gives users more power and control over their website without the high cost of having a dedicated server. Think of an e-commerce site has to store a lot of information about products, orders, customers and more. The more information, the more time your website needs to load. You, of course don’t want to miss any visitors and customers because your website loads too slowly. A VPS will give you the extra power and speed you need.

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A DOMAIN NAME is an important part of your website, it is your unique identity on the Internet, a kind of calling card, but much more important. That’s because your domain name will direct visitors to the correct site, and your target audience can actually find your service or products. It also plays a leading role in the ranking in search engines such as Google. A good and easy name can be the difference between being found or being lost in cyberspace. Bottle Post Media can quickly, easily and affordably register your perfect domain name.

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Want to move your existing WEBSITE to our hosting? No problem, we can take care of this for you. Do you want to move an existing DOMAIN NAME? We’ll arrange the transfer! Or perhaps you’ve seen the perfect domain name, but it belongs to is someone else? Our experts can negotiate a sale with the current owner of the domain.

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