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SSL encryption so that your confidential information can’t be intercepted.


You’ve probably noticed that some URLs begin with http: // and others start with https: // and you might have also noticed the extra “s” on a website where you were required to provide your private information, such as when making an online payment. That extra “s” stands for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and this layer protects against any interception by third parties, ensuring that all data between a website or web shop and visitor remains private.

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Do you want your website to attract more visitors and have a better ranking in search engines such as Google?


Your search engines ranking isn’t only determined by what’s already on your website but also whether new content is being added. A great way to do this is by posting blogs that are interesting to read and relevant to your product, service or company. Bottle Post Media’s bloggers can write optimized blogs for your website based on a careful SEO, competition and target group analysis. It is a cost effective way to improve your ranking and promote your service or product.

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Our graphic designers can create a powerful logo to represent your business and products.

Having a well-designed logo makes your business look professional. It creates a feeling of trust with potential clients and they are more likely to purchase your products. A professional logo builds confidence that your company, products and services are reliable and of good quality.

Business Cards.
We design business cards so you can make a great first impression and be remembered.

Is it obvious what your business is about just by looking at your business card? The font, color and structure determine whether a card is appealing enough to convey an accurate impression. Our professionally printed business cards make sure you can make the best possible first impression.

A newsletter should be relevant and engaging so that people will be tempted to read it.

A newsletter should speak volumes about your company. To create an eye-catching combination you need the right mix of text, colors, layout, typography and images. Working with an expert media company is indispensable when creating an effective newsletter for your business.


A beautifully designed website will attract visitors. Superb writing ensures that they stay on your website.

Copywriting should inspire the reader to take action, to buy a product or service, invite to an opt-in, or call for participation for in club or business. Design, content marketing and SEO are parts of a complete marketing plan and  good copywriting ensures that everything comes together as a whole. Our talented copywriters look at all aspects of your business such as brochures, advertisements, press releases. Depending on your wishes, we can write all your copy or freshen up your existing texts.

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